Learning Curves!!

What a night!  I was sound asleep at midnight.  It had been a good day – mostly – a very good day.  But there was still something to do and my mind announced, “GET UP!”  And so I did.  I wandered around a bit until I could wrap my brain around what was bothering me and then came the “Aha!”  Today is (was) the first day of an online class I’m taking through UMW this summer.  5 weeks packed with creative challenges by a Dr. O’Blivion!  I have just about everything set up that I need – a Flickr account, a twitter account, a wordpress blog account (obviously :-)), of course email, my camera phone, my digital camera – still need a website with a domain of my own!!

So there were assignments today.  I watched the 35 minute intro video starring Dr. O’Blivion.  Made note of readings.  Checked out the dailyshoot assignment.  Got the picture.  Sent out the requisite tweet.   Managed to create the Flickr account and upload the pic there.  I like this dailyshoot business.  “Heat” was the first assignment.  I wanted to title the pic HEAT ON PENNIMAN ROAD.  It is an “essence” title rather than an actual factual title so I held back, but hey this is a creative undertaking not photojournalism so essence should be wholly appropriate!!!

So it’s been fun even if I am behind before I get started!  Time to crash so I’ll be ready for the dailyshoot topic this morning.  Looking forward to it . . .


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